What We Do

What We Do

Over the past 20 years I have built up a small but very loyal customer base, I go out of my way to make sure the job is done right. As I am considerate to my customers and their electrical needs, many are return customers some who have used my services for over 20 years. At Service 1 Electric, we hope that you too will become one of our long time customers.

Service 1 Electric is Built on Honesty and Integrity, we go the extra mile and never cut corners. We have worked hard to build this base and as we grow Service 1 Electric will continue to use the methods and techniques that makes our work exceptional and stand above the rest, at a cost that is as fair as it is reasonable. 


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 Built in 1885

cropped-A4S_bighouses101915a_16097596_8col-2.jpg Built in the 1920’s

 Built in the 1950’s

 Built in 2015

Full or Partial Rewires

Rewires can be a costly and messy process, after doing countless rewires Service 1 Electric has developed unique methods and techniques that make the projects go more smoothly. Even if the house is occupied we can do a full rewire with minimum impact as we understand the importance of your daily routine.

No matter the age of your home! Service 1 Electric has worked on many styles of homes, from the 1920’s bungalow to 1950’s block homes we have even rewired a home originally built in 1885. It takes some planning and you have to be creative but any home can be rewired.

Many times with rewires it is necessary to notch walls and ceilings, Service 1 Electric will patch any hole we make in the process of rewiring your house.*

There are a lot of reasons to rewire:

Knob and Tube Remove and Replace.

Cloth Wiring.

Aluminum Wiring.

We also do New Wiring for Custom Homes.

*Initial patch only we do not finish or paint, but we will not leave any hole.

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Service Upgrades

Panel Change Outs

There are a lot of reasons to need an electrical service or panel upgrade. If you’re adding additional load, like a new AC or hot tub, the existing service may not be adequate to handle the heavier power requirement. Also many insurance companies will not cover your property if you have an outdated panel such as FPE, Zinnco, and others that have been unlisted by the UL Group.

Whatever the case may be, Service 1 Electric has the experience and training to install, remove and replace or upgrade any panel or service.

Commercial or Residential 

 Service 1 Electric will get it right!

Most panel changes and service upgrades can be done in one day.

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